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just a poor jujube vendor

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Prescription monkey by day, fandom hermit by night.

I have a questionable taste in movies.

That is all.

Interests (101):

100 bullets, 30 rock, a song of ice and fire, alliteration is my friend, amon hardin, arcade fire, are you being served?, arrested development, asexual friends with benefits, ashe always tops, baccano!, balmore family piracy, bastion, battlestar galactica, bear mccreary, being one charismatic bastard, berserk, brb nosebleed, breaking bad, calvin & hobbes, carnivale, chrono trigger, cowboy bebop, daria, david sedaris, dead like me, digital devil saga, dogs manga, dragon age, dust: an elysian tale, ergo proxy, fables, final fantasy tactics advance, final fantasy vi, final fantasy xii, fuck yeah marian hawke, futurama, gamer adhd, gankutsuou, graceling, gundam seed, gundam wing, hans zimmer, healers as badass fighters, if you want blood (you got it), indigo prophecy, johnny cash, kaim argonar's butt, kick ass, kill bill, kim taylor, life on mars, lost odyssey, massive attack, meatshields, millennium actress, minecraft, mocking the cardboard, moogle death squads, moogling as obvious metaphor, my angry spartan brain cells, never forgetting donna noble, nina simone, over the rhine, parn as plot device, prescription humor, pushing daisies, radiant historia, rahxephon, rome, runaways, rune factory, samurai champloo, scientists as sex symbols, scrubs, shoujo kakumei utena, sneaker pimps, soul calibur, spartacus: blood and sand, stupid sexy flanders, suikoden ii, suikoden tierkreis, suikoden v, tatsuki being in bleach, tengen toppa gurren lagann, the acerito gang, the cylon forgiveness ceremony, the irony cudgel, the no. 1 ladies' detective agency, the simpsons, the venture bros., the wire, treasure~!, trigun, true blood, unfrying things, vagabond, vertigo comics, vossler york azelas, y: the last man, young avengers
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